Rick Parker

Rick Parker recently completed lettering a 352 page graphic novel adaptation of the Newberry Award Winning "The Graveyard Book" written by Neil Gaiman and adapted by P. Craig Russell. He was an Illustrator for The Pekar Project with the legendary Harvey Pekar. He's also the creator of the book Deadboy.


Rick Parker was a staff arist at Marvel for many years and lettered over 30,000 pages. Also known for his work on MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head Comic Book. He drew the Introductory pages of new Tales From The Crypt, featuring The Crypt Keeper, The Vault Keeper and The Old Witch. Rick is the artist of the popular Papercutz Slices Series of graphic novels, “Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid”, “Harry Potty and The Deathly Boring”, “breaking down” (a Twilight parody), “Percy Jerkson and the Ovolactovegetarians”, “The Hunger Pains” and “The Farting Dead.” Rick Parker lived in NJ for fifteen years and is allowed back in the state under supervision.