Marv Wolfman

Marv Wolfman began his career by publishing an early story by Stephen King in his fanzine. He went on to write for DC with his friend Len Wein. In 1968 they wrote Eye of the Beholder for Teen Titans, which contained what would have be the first African-American superhero, but was rejected by Carmine Infantino and rewritten by Neal Adams.Wolfman later moved to Marvel, and eventually took over as editor-in-cheif when Roy Thomas stepped down. He later returned to writing, to work with Gene Colon on Tomb of Dracula, and they created the character Blade. Wolfman created Bullseye with John Romita, Sr. and created Nova with John Buscema.

Wolfman returned to DC after a dispute with Marvel. Teaming with penciller George Pérez, Wolfman relaunched DC's Teen Titans in a special preview in DC Comics Presents No. 26 (October 1980).The New Teen Titans added the Wolfman-Pérez creations Raven, Starfire and Cyborg to the old team's Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Beast Boy (renamed Changeling). The series became DC's first new hit in years. In August 1984, a second series of The New Teen Titans was launched by Wolfman and Pérez. Other projects in the 80s included Action Comics, Green Lantern, Batman, and others. In 1985, Wolfman and Pérez launched Crisis on Infinite Earths, a 12-issue limited series celebrating DC's 50th anniversary. Featuring a cast of thousands and a timeline that ranged from the beginning of the universe to the end of time, it killed scores of characters, integrated a number of heroes from other companies to DC continuity, and re-wrote 50 years of DC universe history in order to streamline it. After finishing Crisis, Wolfman and Pérez produced the History of the DC Universe limited series to summarize the company's new history.


In the 90s, he returned to the Dark Knight for another brief run on Batman and Detective Comics,] writing "Batman: Year Three", creating Robin III Tim Drake. In the late 1990s, Wolfman developed the Transformers TV series Beast Machines. During this century, he has written a limited series Nightwing, wrote New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel, scripted video games, and  wrote a novelization of the video game Batman: Arkham Knight.