Lieber (SAT ONLY)

Larry Lieber (SAT ONLY)

Signing Fee:

First item for free and any additional items will be $10.00 each.

If any of the books being signed will be graded by either grading company (CGC or CBCS) then the signing fee is $40.00 per book. 

The signing fees are paid at his table. Any books that are signed by either creator that are to be graded by either CGC or CBCS MUST be turned in at the Desert Wind Enterprises booth (331) to be sent into the grading companies. This is to prevent anyone from cheating either guests of their signing fees. This has already been informed to both grading companies.

Co-creator of Iron Man, Mighty Thor, and Ant-Man. This included creating the names of their respective alter egos: Don Blake, Tony Stark, and Henry Pym.[8] His first superhero work, the first appearance of Marvel's Thor in Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962), introduced one of the mainstays of the Marvel Universe, the mystical metal "uru", of which Thor's hammer Mjolnir is made. He is the younger brother of Marvel Comics' writer, editor, and publisher Stan Lee.