Ken Bald

“Ken Bald is the best comic artist in the business.” –Stan Lee 

Considered to be one of the founding fathers of comic art, Ken Bald has certainly earned his share of accolades. But the praise coming from Stan Lee is the one that makes Bald the proudest. Currently holding the Guinness World Record title of the “Oldest Comic Artist,” the soon-to-be-96-years-old Ken Bald is recognized in the industry as a Golden-Age Timely-Marvel comic artist and Dark Shadows comic-strip illustrator. Bald’s career launched in 1941 at the Jack Binder Studio of Englewood, NJ, where he penciled covers of early super-hero greats such as Captain Marvel, Captain Midnight, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Doc Savage, and Mandrake the Magician. 

Recruited personally by Stan Lee (the two legends of comics remain best friends to this day) in 1943, Bald illustrated world-renowned Timely-Marvel super heroes such as Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Torch, Blonde Phantom, and Miss America, and co-created Namora and Sun Girl. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, he also penciled numerous covers for the American Comics Group’s horror/suspense stories “Adventures into the Unkwown,” “The Clutching Hand,” “Forbidden Worlds, “ and “Out of the Night.” He also illustrated romance comics, such as “Lovelorn” and “Romantic Adventures.” In 1957, Bald left comics and moved to syndicated comic strips starting with the King Features detective strip, Judd Saxon. Bald is probably best known for his work on the Dr. Kildare comic strip, which he drew for over 25 years, and for Dark Shadows, a strip he drew based on the popular television series. 

Still in demand, Bald was commissioned by Marvel Comics in 2015 to illustrate a 6-character cover for their “Contest of Champions” comic book, an issue that is highly sought after by collectors today. If you’d like to own a truly collectable piece of original comic art, you can commission Ken Bald to illustrate your unique sketch idea at