José Luis García-López

During the 1960s, García-López worked for Charlton Comics. In 1974 he moved to New York, where he met DC Comics editor Joe Orlando. His first interior art credit for DC was June 1975's "Nightmare In Gold" back-up in Action Comics #448, where he inked the pencils of artist Dick Dillin. The following month, he inked the pencils of Curt Swan on a "Private Life of Clark Kent" backup story in Superman #289, before graduating to full pencils on a back-up story written by E. Nelson Bridwell in Detective Comics #452 (October 1975). The following month, García-López and writer Gerry Conway created the Hercules Unboundseries and in April 1977, he and writer Michael Fleisher launched the Jonah Hex ongoing series. García-López and Conway collaborated on a Superman vs. Wonder Woman story in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-54 (1978). DC Comics Presents, a team-up title starring Superman was launched in 1978 by writer Martin Pasko and García-López. He drew the first appearance of the Snowman in Batman #337 (July 1981) and a DC-Marvel crossover between Batman and the Hulk in DC Special Series #27 (Fall 1981). He penciled five issues of The New Teen Titans in 1985 and writer Marv Wolfman later commented that "I knew that I had this incredible artist who could draw almost anything that I wanted...So I decided to make the story just the biggest spectacle I could come up with."

Other notable works include Atari Force, Cinder and Ashe, Road to Perdition, Deadman, and various DC superheroes. His work on Twilight has been praised, receiving an Eisner Award nomination.

During his exclusive contract with DC Comics, he has been responsible of penciling the style guides used by the company to provide official artwork for merchandise licences around the world. García-Lopez illustrated the 1982 guide, still used today as part of a DC Comics retro line, a 1992 guide focused on the Batman Returns, movie, the Superman related guides from 1991, 1994, 2006, and other DC Universe guides in 1998, 2004 and 2012.

His 2000s work includes JLA: Classified with writer Gail Simone. He penciled a 2009 story arc in Batman Confidential, which introduced the King Tut character. He drew Metal Men story in Wednesday Comics which was written by Dan DiDio. In 2011, he drew one of the stories in The Spirit #17. DC Comics published a collection of his Superman stories in Adventure of Superman: José Luis García-López in 2013. He and Len Wein produced a comics adaptation of a Two-Face story written by Harlan Ellisonoriginally intended for the Batman television series.