Arthur Adams (CANCELED)

Due to a heavy workload, Arthur Adams has canceled.

Arthur Adams is an artist who became well-known among comic fans by penciling the critically-acclaimed Longshot series, written by Ann Nocenti, in 1985. His work on Longshot won him The Russ ManningAward in 1986. Adams has a very detailed and realistic style that is a fan favorite. This is particularly evident in the wonderful Tom Strong's Terrific Tales series (especially those books featuring the hero Jonni Future). He also won the Eisner Award, along with writer Bob Burden, in the Best Single Issue category for the Gumby Summer Fun Special in 1988.

Art Adams has worked on many books such as Action Comics, Authority, The Fantastic Four, Gen 13,Generation X, Godzilla King of the Monsters, Red Sonja and of course Classic X-Men. In 2007 and 2008, he did regular covers for Marvel's Incredible Hercules ongoing series and starting in October 2008, he drew half of Hulk from issue #7-#9.

He also wrote and drew his original series, Monkeyman and O'Brien and the 2001 revival of Angel and the Ape. Art was also one of the founders of the short-lived Legend imprint for Dark Horse Comics.