Andre de Krayewski

Andre de Krayewski (PolishAndrzej Krajewski) (born June 20, 1933) is an artist and Polish expatriate currently residing in Newark, New Jersey in the United States. With a career that spans more than half a century, he continues to masterfully create paintings in his art-deco signature style and in pop art style.

Andre de Krayewski is best known in Poland for his movie posters, a career he began in 1965. He designed sometimes up to a dozen movie posters every year up until 1980. In 2005, de Krayewski made a comeback with the Polish theater poster for Valentine's Day.

In 2012, at the age of 79, he embarked on a new career as a cartoonist. He has since produced the 12 issue autobiographical series SKYLINER, and in the past two years has produced 22 issues (880 pages) of FKT MAGAZINE, an anthology of illustrations and short stories.