Adam McGovern

Adam McGovern is the writer of NIGHTWORLD, a four-issue grindhouse-horror, gallows-humor epic from Image Comics with pop-art Kirby visuals by creator Paolo Leandri. The team wrote and drew an "Alias, the Spider" yarn in Image's NEXT ISSUE PROJECT #3 (aka CRACK COMICS #63), and created the cult-fav DR. ID, PSYCHOLOGIST OF THE SUPERNATURAL. Adam has also written comics for multiple issues of the MAGIC BULLET newspaper from D.C. Conspiracy, and has worked with Coin-Op Studio and AdHouse Books. He adapted some 50 issues of nine comics series from Italy's GG Studio for the American market in 2010-12, including the all-ages A SKELETON STORY and the probably-should-be-no-ages ROUTE DES MAISONS ROUGES. He has written comic-styled stories for videogame companies, stage productions, and educational textbook publishers. NIGHTWORLD has been appearing since August 6, 2014!
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