Tony Todd

Appearing and signing all day Saturday and Sunday
Tony Todd has voiced Zoom on the hit WB show The Flash. He's appeared in more than 100 theatrical and television films, and has played opposite many major Hollywood stars. His movie credits include: Platoon (1986), Beg (film 2010), Night of the Living Dead (1990), Candyman[4] (1992), The Crow (1994), The Rock (1996), Wishmaster (1997), the Final Destination series (2000–2011), and Minotaur (2006).[5] Todd was the voice of The Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and was also in the Rel Dowdell film Changing the Game.] Todd was a special guest of the Weekend of Horror Creation Entertainment on May 23, 2010. and the Screamfest LA. Todd portrayed Reverend Zombie in Hatchet II, which was released in a limited number of theaters on October 1, 2010. As Final Destination 5 returned to the series' roots, Todd returned as William Bludworth.


Todd's other television appearances include a recurring role on Boston Public and guest appearances on Law & OrderHomicide: Life on the StreetHercules: The Legendary JourneysXena Warrior Princess as CecropsThe X-FilesSmallvilleAngel24CharmedStargate SG-1AndromedaCriminal Minds21 Jump Street and Chuck. Todd is one of the few actors to have portrayed two different speaking roles on 24. He was initially cast as Detective Michael Norris in season three and four years later as General Benjamin Juma in both 24: Redemption and season 7.[9] He also played a major role in the Babylon 5 TV movie A Call to Arms. He has portrayed several characters in the Star Trek universe: Worf's brother Kurn in Star Trek: The Next Generation, an adult Jake Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and in Star Trek: Voyager, an Alpha Hirogen.

Todd has also provided the voices of the Decepticon Dreadwing on Transformers: Prime, and Icon in Young Justice.



Todd has acted on and off Broadway, and remains enthusiastic about live theater.

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